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Game Development

I've invested a lot of time into game development, coding, modelling and concept art as an Indie Developer. Below you can see some of the games I've done in the past.

  • itchio
Brew It
Mid 2023
Solo Development

2 players take the roles of Alchemists in an Alchemy shop, making sure to satisfy the needs of their customer.

Brew It - GA Cover.png
Project Scrap
Early 2023
Solo Development

Scrap is a simple 2D platformer. You play as both the engineer and her drone. Use the hovering friend to shape him as you need and guide your way around the level.

Late 2022
Team Game-Jam
Code: Petr Voráč
Art: Veronika Olšová, Tereza Válková

Game-Jam, where theme was "You are not the main character". You are the god's hand, guarding a time traveller on his path between the time-lines

Knight's Journey
Early 2022
Solo development

A fast paced side-scrolling platformer. Take the role of a mighty knight and capture the flag!

Hidden Thing
Early 2022
Team Game-Jam
Code: Petr Voráč
Art: Vojtěch Dočkal, Tereza Szegényová

Game-Jam, where theme was "Hidden Danger". Even a small chick can be a hero in this world. Don't forget to check your garden and defend it if needed

Unstable Rooster
Mid 2021
Team Game-Jam
Code: Petr Voráč
Art: Vojtěch Dočkal, Tereza Szegényová, Pavla Humlíčková

"Unstable Rooster" is my first Game-Jam product. The theme was "Unstable". The game is a morbid shooter, where fairy-tale creatures are your enemies

Mid 2021
Solo development

Cubaze was my attempt to create a simple puzzle game. You are a cube trying to get to the finish point inside of a maze. But be careful, you can't, touch, anything!

Highway Drivers
Mid 2020
Solo development

Highway drivers was my first game ever! You are a little car driving on the Highway, trying not to crash as long as possible.

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